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WeConnect™ makes connections that matter—a lot. We build the ways to connect technology to homes and businesses, enabling them to connect with the world. Through software, processes and systems. Wire, cable, fiber or a means yet to be discovered. Underground, overhead or by satellite. Across your community or across this nation. We’re wired to bring innovation wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Home Entertainment Solutions

As a Regional Service Provider and Authorized Retailer, we’re specifically trained to find the best home entertainment solutions.

Satellite Internet

We support our dealer’s businesses from basic residential satellite home solutions to complex commercial installations.

Cabling & Connectivity Supplies

We support independent telecommunications dealers and contractors with strategic warehouse locations for rapid delivery.

Aviation & Mission-Critical Continuity Services

We have specialized experience in emergency communication configuration, rescue services or other quick-response global operations

Telecommunications Supplies:

Nationwide Distribution, Service & Support For Independent Dealers and Contractors

We contribute to the success of independent dealers and contractors with cabling and connectivity supplies delivered rapidly from our nationwide network of warehouses.

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Specialized Services in Aviation, Communications & Mission-Critical Continuity Operations

With our specialized Paraclete division, we deploy quickly to remote areas of the world for emergency communication configuration, rescue services or other quick-response global operations.

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